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Deb au Nare


Glitter Attack!

Wednesday nights show was fantastic! Sammy and I both did two numbers. She performed a classic strip tease number and her signature hula hoop dance. I performed two strip tease numbers, one with a tequila glitter shower at the end. We had two show times so after my first glitter shower the entire stage was covered in glitter for the next show LOL!

Sammy Sutra - Bada Bing Babes

We are in the process of planning a beach/luau theme show soon so more details on that will be coming soon 🙂 Also, we had a videographer come out to the show so that video should be spamming the internet shortly haha!

Sammy Sutra - Bada Bing BabesDeb O'Nair - Bada Bing BabesDeb O'Nair - Bada Bing BabesSammy Sutra - Bada Bing Babes

Is anyone interested in the Bada Bing Burlesque workshop that I’ve mentioned earlier? We had a couple girls at the show bring it up so we are trying to figure out a date to have it. So, if you would like to participate, or know anyone that would be interested, let me know!

Deb O’Nair

Become a Burlesque vixen!

Who wants to learn some sexy Burlesque moves from Sammy Sutra and Deb O’Nair? Who wants to take those moves and put them into a routine to perform with us at The Sinclair Jacksonville?

Come out to the Sinclair for a sexy & fun Burlesque workshop with your hosts Deb O’Nair and Sammy Sutra!

Bada Bing Burlesque Workshop
Learn sexy Burlesque moves and then create your own routine to perform on stage in a show with Sammy Sutra and Deb O’Nair!

First workshop will be held on a Monday at the Sinclair around 8pm. Then, there will be a follow up night the Friday after that for you to perform your new routines on stage! So bring all of your friends out to cheer you on! It’s going to be a grerat night!
*dates for workshop will be announced soon!

$25 workshop / Come in your best Burlesque costume!

Xoxo, Deb O’Nair

Vegas Pool Party/Burlesque Show

Vegas Pool Party (during The First Wednesday Art Walk )

Vegas Party with the Bada Bing Babes

free lessons from The Poker Room
two cabaret shows by the Bada Bing Babes (7 & 9pm)
a vintage clothing sale by Chateau Vintage Hand Picked Clothing
DJ Bizzi and DJ Shanghai spin inside and out
and poolside models

Drink specials, 21 and up. Poolside and Vegas attire encouraged.

For more info, visit:


Sexy Spy/Private Eye

I’ve been thinking about all the different spies and private detectives that people can use as a reference for the theme Burlesque show in June. So far I have thought of two for each category.

Spy – James Bond, Austin Powers
Private Eye (detective) – Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew

Well, if you are in the area, come check out the Bada Bing Babes burlesque at Club TSI on Thursday, June 17th for a “Sexy Spy and Private Eye” themed show! The night will consist of theme related Burlesque tease performances by Sammy Sutra and Deb O’Nair.

Come dressed for the theme!

$5 for 21+ / $10 for 18-20
Doors open at 9pm

What spies/detectives can you think of?

Deb O’Nair

Bada Bing!

I am getting ready for the next theme show at TSI and I’m really excited about it! The theme is “Sexy Spy and Private Eye”, like a mix of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. Since I did the James Bond show back in December with the VIP Vixens, I already have some ideas for spy related performances. However, when it comes to private eye/detective related songs, I’m stumped! I already have my outfit picked out and just need to think of a good song for it. Does anyone have any good ideas for a private eye themed song?

Check out some pictures from the Rodeo Burlesque show we had at TSI last month!
Bada Bing Babes - Sammy SutraBada Bing Babes - Miss Deb O'NairBada Bing Babes - Sammy SutraBada Bing Babes - Miss Deb O'NairBada Bing Babes - Sammy SutraBada Bing Babes - Miss Deb O'Nair

Well, if you are in the Jacksonville area on Thursday, June 17th, you should definitely come out to the Bada Bing Babes burlesque show! It’s going to be at Club TSI and only $5 cover (for 21 and up).

And again, if you have any song ideas for my private eye/detective performance, leave it in a comment 🙂
Deb O’Nair

Introducing: The Bada Bing Babes!

Sammy Sutra and I have banded together and formed a new BURLESQUE troupe called the Bada Bing Babes!

We are both very excited about this and I think I have finally found someone who shares the same passion for actual Burlesque that I have! We have a couple shows coming up. We had one last night at Endo Exo and next Saturday we will be performing at The Sinclair. Next month we will have another theme show at TSI, I think we are planning on a mystery/secret agent type theme (think murder mystery dinners and James Bond). It is still in the works though 🙂

Well, now that I’ve said all that, if you are in the Jacksonville area or close to it, come check us out at The Sinclair next Saturday (May 22nd). It’s going to be a lot of fun and we are both really excited about it!

Deb O’Nair

Oh and if you are on Facebook, add the Bada Bing Babes for updates on future shows!